Maintenance Releases

Support Policy

Our support policy is very simple. If you find a bug, we fix it, no questions asked, no charge. Once we have made the fix, it will become available with the next maintenance release.

As mentioned in several places, web sites changes are not bugs.

Current Version

From time to time, the current version will be updated to include bug fixes, and new features. New users always get the current version.

Standard users then remain at the version that was current when they subscribed, until a maintenance release is made.

Not every update to the standard version will be made available as a maintenance release.

Typically, a maintenance release will be made quarterly, if required.


Users will be able to update at no charge. Updating will always be optional, however when a maintenance release becomes available, support for earlier versions will be withdrawn.

As long as you are a valid user, you will have access to maintenance releases. Installing a maintenance release does not extend the expiry date. This remains unchanged regardless of the number of updates and what date these may expire on.

End of Life

If a web site change is made which breaks the current version, so that it is no longer able to execute its function correctly. This version will have reached end of life, and all support for this and previous versions will no longer be available.

It is impossible to determine in advance what, if any, remedial action is possible when a program version reaches end of life – so we give no undertaking as to what will follow.

We will attempt a best effort to provide a replacement – if this is feasible. This will however, not be at no charge. No timing can be provided either.

If a program reaches end-of-life – all bets are off. It is impossible to predict when, or even if, this might occur. This should be a factor in your decision making.

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