Remote Support

For many users, getting an automation solution up and running is a challenge. Not everyone has a black belt in computer fu and for about half our customers, installing and configuring is a major hurdle.

The good news, for those who are not that comfortable getting software installed and running on their computers, is that we routinely provide remote support to those who need it. This is available for all new clients and first accounts.

With our assistance via remote support, this can reduce the process of getting up and running from a head-scratching half a day+ to a literal 5 minutes.

There are several products that facilitate remote support, several of them free. We can use these is you already use a particular product.

We also have an account with, so there’s no cost involved to use their one-to-one remote support products.

If you have a black belt in computer-fu, you can do the install on your own, as it’s pretty straight forward.

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