Expiry dates

Some of our products have an expiry date.

From experience, we know that we will be making changes to our products on a fairly regular basis so as to keep up with changes being made to the target site.

There is no charge for updates. And clients in good standing will always have access to the latest release at no charge.

By preventing old, expired versions from running, we know that users are always running the latest release and this simplifies support.

The expiry date is displayed and so it is possible for users to plan their update in good time as updates are usually available well before the expiry date.

The update process is painless. If you were able to install the software and get it working, an update is absolutely no trouble at all.

From time to time, it does happen that a site change breaks the current release and an out of cycle update is required to give you a working product. In these cases, we will, as we have done in the past, do our best to make an update available ASAP. Often we have been able to make a update available the same day as a change is discovered. But, this is not always possible, all we promise is that we will do our best to make a working product available in the shortest time possible as it is in both our interests to have a working product in your hands.

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