From time to time we are approached by new clients who want to know whether we offer exclusivity in their area. While we understand the request, this is something that is impossible for us to deliver.  If we made such a promise, we’d likely find that it is broken through no fault of our own. So we don’t make any undertaking where we feel that we cannot deliver.

In several major metro areas, you should assume that our users are active. Usually your success rate will be an indication.

Most Asset Management Companies (AMC)s allow their users to control which areas they wish to be active in. This allows users a lot of flexibility, and we have in the years gone past, seen users located in one county suddenly covering several neighbouring counties as well as times get hard and the offers scarce. Most of our solutions offer filters, to either exclude or include specific zip codes. This is user configurable, and so there’s no practical way for us to control this.Even if we could, it’s not for us to limit what our users choose to do.

We do have users that actively compete with each other in an overlapping area. From this experience we know that all things being equal, the result is usually that the work made available in that overlapping area is split between them. Users are not always active at the same time.

Some AMCs impose daily and queue limits, and when work made available exceeds these limits, users have to  exit as they hit their quotas.

If you are in an area where we already have active users, you will have competition – but you’ll be in a fair fight, and very likely be able to get your share. Certainly it is likely to be more than you’re getting now, watching from the side lines.

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