Check your spam

On occasion we will send out an email that makes an important announcements. For various reasons, we may not want to publish this information here on our website. When we do make an announcement, it is usually in your best interest to be aware of that information, as it may affect your bottom line.

In order not to miss out on important emails (and not just from us), please make it a habit to check your spam folder now and then. Usually it will be pure spam. But now and then, you may end up missing out on something important. Do not rely on your spam filter completely. Things are dynamic, and emails that were getting through may suddenly get treated as spam for any one of a dozen reasons.

So, check your spam folder now and then to make sure that there’s not something in there that you want to know about.

Some email service providers are, to put it politely, stupid, in that they have not thought their spam policies through very carefully. Valid emails end up in spam as a result, and the ISP’s attitude is that was  up to you, as the recipient, to make sure that mails that you want to receive, get through.

How you do that varies, and it will be up to you to figure this out. It could be as simple as adding the sender email address to your address book. In some extreme cases,  you might have to contact your ISP to let them know that you want to receive these emails. If this is the case, it might be easier to simply change your email provider :)

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