Auto Refresh – and then some

Auto refresh utilities are freely available on the internet. They come in two varieties, as browser add-ons (e.g. FireFox ReloadEvery) or as utilities that embed a browser (sorry – no links to these, some really stink, go do a search).

Usefulness varies, and they all have one major requirement – you. If you are not present when an order becomes available, nothing is going to happen.

Many (all?) refresh utilities have the failing, that they don’t stop. If you missed the change, it’s probably gone.

Needing you there does have its upside, assuming that you have the leisure to examine the order details before you accept, you can make sure that it’s in an area that you service, and of a product type that you are interested in.

orderScout can be made to function as an auto refresh program by enabling the option “Manual Final Accept“. It will check the order to make sure that the order isn’t in your skip list. If it’s a hit, it will play a sound and leave the final accept to you. This means that you don’t have to sit at the computer watching for the page to change, you can do something useful, like play solitaire or do the reports that inevitably follow getting an order accepted.

If you are lucky enough to be in an area where time isn’t critical, this may be the killer feature that you need.

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