Third Party Service Providers

August 22nd, 2014

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in the number of third parties approaching us with a view to using our solutions. Some of them are upfront about who they are, but others pretend to be realtors. Whether their clients are aware of this or not is an open question.

Third party providers, in case you don’t already know, are service providers who for a small fee provide various additional services, like auto accept, form filling, etc. A few are US based, but mostly, they are located in India, Pakistan, and similar.

While we’re flattered by their interest, because it tells us that our solutions, instead of being ‘a best kept secret’, are starting to gain a reputation for competitiveness. We’re not intrested in working with high risk third parties. Our objective is to establish long term relationships, and so far we’ve been able to achieve that.

It’s a bit of a cliche to talk about ‘win-win’, but that is really what we’re about. Some people don’t get that. That’s ok with us, because fortunately, there are people that do get it.


May 31st, 2014

From time to time we are approached by new clients who want to know whether we offer exclusivity in their area. While we understand the request, this is something that is impossible for us to deliver.  If we made such a promise, we’d likely find that it is broken through no fault of our own. So we don’t make any undertaking where we feel that we cannot deliver.

In several major metro areas, you should assume that our users are active. Usually your success rate will be an indication.

Most Asset Management Companies (AMC)s allow their users to control which areas they wish to be active in. This allows users a lot of flexibility, and we have in the years gone past, seen users located in one county suddenly covering several neighbouring counties as well as times get hard and the offers scarce. Most of our solutions offer filters, to either exclude or include specific zip codes. This is user configurable, and so there’s no practical way for us to control this.Even if we could, it’s not for us to limit what our users choose to do.

We do have users that actively compete with each other in an overlapping area. From this experience we know that all things being equal, the result is usually that the work made available in that overlapping area is split between them. Users are not always active at the same time.

Some AMCs impose daily and queue limits, and when work made available exceeds these limits, users have to  exit as they hit their quotas.

If you are in an area where we already have active users, you will have competition – but you’ll be in a fair fight, and very likely be able to get your share. Certainly it is likely to be more than you’re getting now, watching from the side lines.

Server Migration complete

September 5th, 2013

We outgrew our old server and had to switch to a new server. Took a bit longer than we planned for but it is finally done.

eMMREM update available

January 8th, 2013

Registered users should download and install the latest update (v1.1.32). Earlier versions are out of date and will result in disappointment.



Expiry dates

November 29th, 2012

Some of our products have an expiry date.

From experience, we know that we will be making changes to our products on a fairly regular basis so as to keep up with changes being made to the target site.

There is no charge for updates. And clients in good standing will always have access to the latest release at no charge.

By preventing old, expired versions from running, we know that users are always running the latest release and this simplifies support.

The expiry date is displayed and so it is possible for users to plan their update in good time as updates are usually available well before the expiry date.

The update process is painless. If you were able to install the software and get it working, an update is absolutely no trouble at all.

From time to time, it does happen that a site change breaks the current release and an out of cycle update is required to give you a working product. In these cases, we will, as we have done in the past, do our best to make an update available ASAP. Often we have been able to make a update available the same day as a change is discovered. But, this is not always possible, all we promise is that we will do our best to make a working product available in the shortest time possible as it is in both our interests to have a working product in your hands.

Remote Support

August 30th, 2012

For many users, getting an automation solution up and running is a challenge. Not everyone has a black belt in computer fu and for about half our customers, installing and configuring is a major hurdle.

The good news, for those who are not that comfortable getting software installed and running on their computers, is that we routinely provide remote support to those who need it. This is available for all new clients and first accounts.

With our assistance via remote support, this can reduce the process of getting up and running from a head-scratching half a day+ to a literal 5 minutes.

There are several products that facilitate remote support, several of them free. We can use these is you already use a particular product.

We also have an account with, so there’s no cost involved to use their one-to-one remote support products.

If you have a black belt in computer-fu, you can do the install on your own, as it’s pretty straight forward.

The Mac market

August 25th, 2012

Now and then we get asked if we have native Mac solutions. Sadly, the answer is no.

We are Mac users and we’d love to develop native Mac applications, but the ratio of Mac to Windows queries is something like 30+ to none.

Then there are options like Boot Camp, Parallels, VMWare and VirtualBox which let you run full blown Windows on your Mac. So currently not much sense to target the Mac natively. We already have a full time job just making sure that the software keeps pace with the changes that constantly take place.

Much the same applies to Linux.

Smart phones are a bit different. Currently, smart phones won’t compete with computer based solutions when it comes to highly competitive situations. However, not everything is super competitive, and the benefit of that mobility will have advantages in some cases.


eMMREM Email Monitor for MMREM (Auto Accept – not quite yet)

July 3rd, 2012

What is it?

This is a Windows Desktop Application that you can use to monitor a gmail account 24 x 7 for MMREM email notifications.

This is the fastest way to react to the MMREM emails to maximize your chance of accepting the next assignment.

How does it work?

1. Configure a gmail account (free from Google) to receive the email notifications that MMREM sends to you. Make sure that this gmail account has IMAP and POP3 enabled. We strongly recommend that this email account should be dedicated to this purpose. Do not use this for your day to day email activity.

2. Install eMMREM and configure it to monitor your account. You can run this program 24 x 7 checking your gmail account every second for new mail.

3. When a notification arrives, the program will click on the link in email and display the page in the integrated Internet Explorer browser window. At the same time it will sound an alert (configurable). If the program is minimized, or hidden behind other windows on your desktop, it will bring it to the front and give it focus.

4. You now enter the captcha code, and if the code is correct and you’ve been fast enough, you will see the confirmation message.


One time fee of $150.00. This will provide you with lifetime updates.


Trial Offer

A trial is available. Contact Orderscout for details.


What do you need?

1. Gmail account.
This is available free from Google. Make sure that the MMREM email notifications are sent to this gmail account.

2. Windows Computer.
Operating System – Any version of Windows (XP, Vista or 7) should work but be aware that we no longer test on any version older than 7 which is the current release.

Hardware – Faster is always better, but any newish computer, say two or three years old would be more that adequate.

We recommend that you use a dedicated computer for this. You can run the program on a work computer, it can be left running minimized, while you work on other programs. If an offer is detected, the program will sound an alarm and bring itself into focus. This may cause a momentary disruption of the tasks that were being executed when this happened.

3. Internet Access.
Again, faster is always better. If you can, used a wired network. Test your network speed at



“I have a gmail account already. Can I use this as the monitoring gmail account?”

You can, but your access to this account may interfere with the monitoring process. You will be better served to use a separate gmail account that the monitoring program has exclusive access to.
“Can I forward emails from my main email account to this new monitoring gmail account?”

Yes, this is possible.

However this will add an additional delay to the time it takes for the notification to be seen by the monitor. Depending on the quality of your forward process, this time may be negligible or significant, and in some cases potentially dangerous.

For instance, if you are using email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird with rules to do the forwarding, then they must be running when the notification arrives. If they are not running, the email notification will not be forwarded until you start the email client again.

The recommendation is to send the notifications directly to your dedicated gmail account.


“You say to use a dedicated gmail account but I also need to see the emails being sent to that account.”

Not a problem.

Configure the gmail account to automatically forward all incoming emails to your working email account. This way you still get all email sent to the dedicated gmail account but do not need to connect to it with a client or web browser.
“I need to access the monitoring gmail account. Can I do this?”

Again not a problem.

You can access the email account directly at any time if you need to. However, limit this to those times when you need to do this rather than accessing the account on a regular basis. This will avoid or at least minimize interference with the monitoring process.

For instance, do not configure your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) to connect to the gmail account on a permanent basis as this will result in .

If you configure the account to forward all messages to your working email account, you get all emails automatically as soon as they are sent.

The program log shows errors when I start monitoring.
The first time you run the program the initialization will often report errors. Close the program and restart the program. If every thing is configured correctly, you should see the monitoring working correctly.

Check that you have IMAP enabled for the gmail account. Log in to the gmail account and go to Settings / Forwarding and IMAP POP3. Check that IMAP and POP3 are both enabled.

If the errors are still present, check your gmail account configuration again. If all else fails, contact Orderscout for support.
“Everything was working fine and I now suddenly get errors in the log file. What happened?”

1. Check that your password is correct. It may have been changed and you forgot to update the program’s configuration.

2. Google is not perfect. They do sometimes have connection failures. Not often, but it happens. If you are sure that everything is correct, wait a few minutes and then try again.


“I can’t find the messages in my monitoring gmail account?”

The program does not delete any emails. Once it has processed an email, it will move the message to a label called “processed” to avoid having to process messages more than once. If you use the Google gmail web client, click on this label and you will find all the messages that the account has received since starting to run the monitoring program.


“What happens if I stop the monitoring program?”

Not a problem…

You can safely stop the monitoring program if you are away or unable to accept offers for some reason. The emails that arrive while the monitoring program is not running will accumulate in the gmail inbox.

When you restart the monitoring program, the program will process all messages in the inbox. If any message is more than 2 minutes old, it will be ignore and moved directly to the processed folder (gmail label).

If the program has not been running for a long period a large number of emails may have accumulated. The program will first empty the inbox before it starts normal operation. This may take several minutes, depending on the number of messages queued.


“Can I install the program on more than one computer?”

Yes. But realize that you should only be running one of them at any one time. There is only one gmail account and having multiple programs trying to process the same account will result in them interfering with each other.


“Can I run multiple instances of the program to improve my success rate?”

You can run multiple instances of the program.

Doing so is pointless as they will all need to connect to the same gmail account. Multiple clients all connecting to the same account may end up interfering with each other.
“How do I get the latest update?”

Check the website from time to time to see whether a new update is available. You will need a userid and password to access the webpage. If you do not have this, please contact Orderscout.


“I don’t want to use gmail for my notifications. Can I use my normal email account?”

Yes, this is possible, but not recommended.

Either, the monitoring will be impacted by your day to day email activity, or it will affect you.

Either configure a forwarding rule to send the notification on to a dedicated email account that can be used exclusively by eMMREM or else set up a rule to forward all email from the eMMREM account to your working account.

Bespoke Development

April 15th, 2012

While we have a bunch of solutions for AMCs that do web-based BPO and Appraisal allocation on a first come- first serve basis. Our focus is not only on these Browser / Desktop Automation projects.

We’re happy to undertake bespoke industry related projects.

Some recent bespoke projects completed:

– Integrating auto assigned orders into company reporting / management processes. We can convert web based orders into data formats suitable for importing into your back end systems.

– High Volume/Multi Account order processing.

– BPO tracking. From assignment to payment.

If you are handling large order volumes and need some expertise to align / manage these, we can help.



March 24th, 2012

Freelancer has had several design changes over the last couple of months and so some of the links that we had to our projects and reviews will be updated over the next week or so.