Setting up a Freelancer Project

Anything done for the first time is a challenge. Getting your first GetAFreelancer project is a learning experience. Not really difficult, but it definitely could be easier.

Due Diligence

As with all projects, you should do your homework before you embark on any new project. The internet has plenty of information available, and there are links here to some of it.

Make sure that you know what you want, and what is available.

Registering on GAF

It is free to register on the GAF site.

Create your project

The super quick way:

1. Select a project that looks similar to your own requirement (some links here.)

2. Click on the “Post A Project Just Like this

3. Edit the Project Name and description to suit.

4. Preview the project and the publish it.

5. Go to our profile page (here) and send us an invite to your project.

If you want to do things the standard (longer) way this is how…

1. Click on the “Post Project” link on the GAF site.

2. Project Name – Give your project a suitable name. We like names like “Private project for orderScout” :).

3. Description – Add some details that describe your project. You can take a look at previous projects (links here) to get an idea what others have used.

4. Job Types – Select suitable job types. It is easy to make a mistake here, if you don’t know what to select, use options like “Windows”, “.Net”, “Order Processing”. If the Job Type doesn’t match those we have, then we will not be able to bid on your project. If you happen to have a mismatch, it is easy enough to edit the project and add some.

5. Budget Range – Select your budget range. For a first venture into automation, select the $30 – $250. If you have more advanced requirements, you’ll probably have to go to the next range.

6. Number of days – Select the number of days that you want the project to stay open. 5 is a safe option.

7. Optional – If you want to select any of the GetAFreelancer optional items (Featured, Non Public, Hide all bids), do so. This will add to the cost, and will not be refundable.

8. Preview the project.

9. Save the project.

10. Once you have saved the project, go over to our profile page (here) and click the invite button. Select your project and link it to the invitation.

We’ll be shortly thereafter make a bid on your project. Once we have a bid in place it will be possible to use the Private Message feature to discuss your project

Free Trial – don’t use this!

Don’t use the free trial if you want a bid from orderScout. The free trial feature is great, but is limited to providers who only have a few reviews. We’re past that limit and won’t be able to bid.

Refundable $5.00 project fee – Not using the Free trial does mean that you have to pay a $5.00 deposit to create the project. This fee is refunded when you select a provider (us) for your project.

Accepting the bid

On your project page you will have a list of bidders. Underneath the Name of the bidder you will find a combo box with the text “Perform action on this bid”.

Select the option “Choose bid as the winning bid”.

What happens next

If you have a positive balance in your account, GetAFreelancer usually sends a notification to the winning bidder, hopefuly named orderscout, that their bid has been accepted. We They then have to accept the project as well. GetAFreelancer sometimes seems to delay sending out the notification, worst so far is half a day. Only thing that we can come up with to explain this, is that they probably want their $5 before they do anything.


This is also a little tricky the first time. You transfer funds to your GAF account. Once this has a balance, you can setup a milestone payment linked to your project.

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