There’s not much order to the entries here, as the number grows, there will be more structure.

How do I start?

Probably the most repeated question.

The process could be easier. A description of the process is found here. Also, take a look at the Freelancer FAQ. Freelancer also has a couple of How-To articles.

How long does it take?

For a company like Lendervend, it takes a few hours.

First you have to accept the project – Freelancer the processes your acceptance – this takes an hour, sometimes more. This is followed by my acceptance (usually a few minutes).

You then have a project that you can allocate a milestone payment to.

Once the milestone payment for the full amount is in place, the process begins. Usually you can have the program running within a few hours.

Why no contact details?

Good Question. Well, this question hasn’t been asked yet, but this is the first question that I would be asking if I were in your shoes.

All transactions are handled by Freelancer who serve as a neutral third party providing escrow. Like any sane middleman, they don’t want to be cut out of the loop.

The only safe way to do business on the internet is by means of a neutral intermediary. You get to make sure that the products work before handing over payment and we get to be sure that there payment has been made. If you decide that the software doesn’t work for you, then you don’t release payment. There is no way for us to receive the money without your instruction to Freelancer to do so.

If you wish to make contact, do this via Freelancer. The process is outlined here.

I did something and I can no longer start Polling – What happened?

Go to the Configuration->Polling Tab.

There you will find the Order Limit and the Accepted Order Count.

Each time an order is accepted, the Accepted Order Count is incremented. When the Accepted Order Count is equal to or greater than the Order Limit, polling stops and the On/Off button disappears.

To be able to start Polling, you must keep the Accepted Order Count lower than the Order Limit. The moment that this is done, you will get the On/Off button back and you can start chasing orders again.

What’s the difference between the Standard and Pro Versions?

Standard – configurable polling settings, full logging, manual accept option, email notification, order limits, and a couple more features. Support for bug fixes for the life of the software.

Pro – Features are identical to the above. In addition, the Pro version can run multiple accounts ($ add on per account) on the same computer, gets regular updates as and when they become available and comes with a built in support package. There is also a little bit of a difference in perfomrnance. Most independent users get great results without this. Customization is only available with the Pro version.

It’s not working for me

Huh?! Haven’t had this question yet, but we’re ready for it.

If it’s not working for you then tell us – ASAP!

We want this to work for you almost as much as you do. There are many things that you can do to get the best out of your configuration and computer setup.

From the log files, we can analyse the actual performance you are getting. This will tell us exactly what has been happening in your part of the world and if there is anything that we can do about it. It may be as simple as a couple of settings that need to be tweaked.

Who does the order go to?

“What if me and another appraiser have the same software….who does the appraisal order go to?”

Good question. Whether you are using automation or a manual process, the order goes to the first person to accept it. Doesn’t matter how the order accept is initiated. From the server’s point of view, the first valid accept that the server processes will be allocated the order.

This also explains why you see orders that you don’t get. If several people see the same order, the one who’s accept arrives first, gets the order. The others are disappointed.

When several people use the same solution, it becomes a matter of statistics and we’d expect orders to be distributed randomly.

So if you are up against others using the same automation it becomes a fair fight and you should give as good as you get.

Can I use a wireless LAN?

…what do you mean “Do not use a wireless lan as this is typically too slow” ?

Wireless is usually slow compared to using a wired network.

Try this for yourself. Look for orders on your favorite site while using the wireless lan and take note of how long the site takes to respond. Then do the same when running on a wired lan.

You will usually see a big difference in response times. When you have made the comparison, you can now decide which is preferable based on your own experience.

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